Orthopedic Surgical Planning Software

The majority of canine orthopedic surgical procedures performed in today's world, revolve around angle measurements, implant sizing, bone malformation assessment and in many cases osteotomies (bone cuts). Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO), elbow dysplasia and total hip replacements are classic examples.

Orthopedic surgical planning software allows precise pre-surgical determination of bone and joint angles (figures 1 & 2). Osteotomy planning and blade selection can be accurately determined before we walk into the OR (figure 3).

Measuring the Tibial Plateau Angle prior to dog TPLO surgery Measuring canine femoral straightness Making pre-surgical measurements

Implant sizing, whether applying a plate or implanting an artificial hip, is greatly aided by computer-generated images (figures 4 & 5). In a nutshell, precise canine orthopedic surgery would be nearly impossible without pre-surgical planning software.

Measuring for TPLO plate Measuring for THR implants