Canine Cold LASER Therapy

Canine Cold LASER Therapy.

Cold LASER therapy is a state-of-the-art treatment technique for your pet which uses light photons penetrating into the area to help decrease pain, decrease inflammation and enhance tissue healing. LASER stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation." LASER units have different intensity and power to achieve various treatment goals. "Hot LASER" units have high intensity and power for surgical procedures to cut, cauterize, incise, or destroy tissue. "Cold LASER" units use a lower level intensity and power in a therapeutic range for photobiomodulation that produces beneficial effects at the cellular level. Cold LASER units can be further broken down into class IV and class IIIb.

At the Canine Rehabilitation and Arthritis Center, we utilize both types of Cold LASER therapy for our canine patients. Class IV lasers generate red and infrared wavelengths at 650nm to 980nm and Class IIIb LASERS generate red, infrared and blue wavelengths from 500nm to 1150nm.

In general, Cold LASER is used as a treatment technique that involves the stimulation of tissue by light photons to achieve a therapeutic outcome for your dog. The proposed biological effects of LASER therapy includes Increased circulation and reduction of the inflammatory process, decrease pain, accelerated cell division to promote wound and tissue healing, collagen stimulation and fibroblast and ATP formation.


Although a plethora of anecdotal reports exist regarding the benefits of LASER therapy, rigorous scientific evidence is lacking. At Canine Rehab and Arthritis Center we have seen some positive results and many pet owners have reported improved mobility and decreases in pain. We continue to use LASER therapy at a ‘break-even price” are currently planning in house studies to further define the clinical benefits of LASER therapy.

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