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"Treated Like the Million $$$ Dog She Is!"

Dear Colorado Canine Orthopedics

Two years ago our Shorthaired Pointer black lab mix "Juicy Fruit" started to limp after playing ball and unfortunately was diagnosed with a torn ACL by our local vet, our vet referred us to multiple facilities in Denver that could handle this type of injury and we visited three of them. The visits we made in Denver made us more skeptical about the surgery and in no way comforted us into letting our pup be operated on.

While researching online about the injury type, surgery types, risks and rehab we found Colorado Canine Orthopedics, I was almost shocked that there was an actual orthopedic specialist for dogs. I watched the video online, made the call and set up the consultation. From Juicy Fruit walking in tail wagging (usually locks up all four legs at the door at any animal facility) to the clean facility, friendly staff and extensive information provided by Dr. Bauer, Juicy Fruit fell asleep on Dr. Bauer's leg while he was explaining our options. All of this made it very easy to feel ok about trusting our dog's well being with Colorado Canine Orthopedics, we called the next day and scheduled the surgery.

The day of the surgery we walked in and our dog was treated like the million $$$ dog she is. The surgery was a tremendous success, and they even did a good job at making us feel better while it was happening, we were absolute wrecks! It has been over two years and with the surgery and rehab Juicy Fruit is 100%, she is a hardcore ball and squirrel chaser and lives to run. We play and exercise with her everyday. She is a happy, healthy dog thanks to Colorado Canine Orthopedics. There is no way to thank them enough for giving my dog her life back.

The only thing I would change...I wish they could be my dogs fulltime vet, I would drive from Denver with no questions asked.
Jeremy J. Denver, CO

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