Cost of a TPLO

Dogs Running - TPLOVeterinary specialty care is a double-edged sword these days (no pun intended). All major orthopedic procedures are more sophisticated, successful, and less invasive today than they were in the past. These advances come at a cost for the surgeon and client.

A prime example is an ACL repair. In the past, five hundred dollars of simple instruments and fifty cents worth of monofilament fishing line were utilized to repair canine ACL tears. The procedure was inexpensive but the results were inconsistent and in the case of large and giant breed dogs consistently poor! Often these rudimentary repair techniques end up costing pet owners more in the long run due to the additional cost of revising a failed surgery. Today‚Äôs most promising ACL repair is the tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO). These days an up to date surgeon uses hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment such as plating equipment, pneumatic/electric medical power drills and saws, and arthroscopic equipment to perform these procedures. Not to mention implants for all three of these procedures cost hundreds rather than the fifty cents needed to purchase fishing line used in the past. 

Cost of TPLO at Colorado Canine Orthopedics:
The average cost of a TPLO at Colorado Canine Orthopedics is $3,480 - $3,980 depending on the size of the dog. 

About Our TPLO Fees:

  • All surgery fees include pre-surgical x-rays, anesthesia and monitoring, nerve block, implants, post-operative x-rays and laser therapy (day of surgery) and routine go home medications. 
  • Consultation, pre-operative bloodwork and 6-12 week post-operative x-rays are not included.

At Colorado Canine Orthopedics we are committed to providing only state of the art, non-compromised pet healthcare. We realize some pet owners may find this level of care relatively costly. However, despite the inherently expensive nature of our work, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of care at the most affordable price possible. We believe if you compare our fees to other specialty practices you will find this true.