Cost of Neurosurgery

neuro costVeterinary specialty care is a double-edged sword these days (no pun intended). All major neurosurgery procedures are more sophisticated, successful, and less invasive today than they were in the past. These advances come at a cost for the surgeon and client. 

Cost breakdown for type I IVDD cases:

  • Surgery Cost: $3,800 (Laminectomy or Ventral Slot, small breeds)
  • Consultation Fee: $90
  • Overnight Stay Fee: $250

About Neurosurgery Fees:

Fees include, radiographic and CT imaging, routine go home medication and rechecks.

At Colorado Canine Orthopedics we are committed to providing only state of the art, non-compromised pet healthcare. We realize some pet owners may find this level of care relatively costly. However, despite the inherently expensive nature of our work, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of care at the most affordable price possible. We believe if you compare our fees to other specialty practices you will find this true.