Hydrotherapy / Underwater Treadmill for Canine Rehabilitation

Water therapy, also called hydrotherapy has been widely used for people and dogs because of the substantial benefits of exercising in water. In an underwater treadmill treatment session, the height of the water and speed of the treadmill can be adjusted by the therapist to attain specific goals designed for each dog. The Aqua Paws unit used here at Canine Rehab and Arthritis Center is state-of-the-art. The unit includes the option of utilizing computerized exercise programs as well as two to four jets that provide additional resistance for the dogs to work against.

Canine Underwater Treadmill


Hydrotherapy is a fabulous tool to use after surgery to help decrease pain and swelling, increase joint mobility, increase muscle strength and restore a normal gait pattern. Geriatric dogs love the buoyancy and warmth of the water, which enables them to move with less compression on their joints, thereby reducing pain and building strength.

Underwater treadmill conditioning is also great for weight loss in overweight dogs. One of the best and most proven methods to decrease lameness in dogs with osteoarthritis, is weight loss. The underwater treadmill is also utilized successfully to build endurance and strength in performance dogs. Dogs that compete in agility, conformation, fly ball and other demanding canine sporting events benefit from underwater treadmill work.


  • Rehabilitation following TPLO, Total Hip Replacement, Fracture repair and other canine orthopedic surgeries.
  • Rehabilitation in dogs with joint fibrosis and lack of ROM.
  • Gait retraining for dogs with neurological conditions.
  • Therapy for dogs with osteoarthritis.

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