Electromagnetic Therapy (tPEMF) for Canine Rehabilitation

Electromagnetic Therapy (tPEMF) is an FDA approved therapy that uses magnetic pulses to target a dog’s specific surgery site or source of arthritis pain.

tPEMF introduces an electrical stimulus that mimics those already present in healthy tissues, which provides the stimulus the tissue needs to promote cell re-growth and healing.

At Canine Rehabilitation and Arthritis Center, we use tPEMF for the following:

  • Rehabilitation for dogs recovering from TPLO, Total Hip Replacement, and other orthopedic surgeries.
  • Healing of dog fractures.
  • Relief of a dog’s soft tissue inflammation.
  • Treatment of a dog’s neurological disorders.
  • Therapy for dogs with osteoarthritis due to age or injury.
  • Therapy for dogs who participate in sporting or performance activities that result in high impact on their joints.

Benefits of tPEMF

It is important for pet owners to understand that tPEMF in itself will not completely heal a dog after surgery, injury or who has arthritis. It is among a variety of therapies that will be implemented to your dog’s treatment plan to provide for an optimal outcome based on their individual condition.

Benefits of tPEMF include:

  • Faster healing soft tissue after surgery.
  • Decreases inflammation after surgery.
  • Faster bone re-growth after fractures.
  • Pain relief from inflammation and osteoarthritis.

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