Canine Performance Rehabilitation & Conditioning

Whether your dog is a high level performance athlete, a recreational sports companion, a working dog or a pet who would benefit from a weight loss conditioning program, Canine Rehabilitation offers the modalities and facilities for your dog.

Watch as Suzie Stoke MSPT, CCRT discusses high level core and leg strengthening exercises.

Rehabilitation and Therapy for Performance and Working Dogs

A tailored physical therapy program for your competitive dogs who participate in events such as agilities, obedience, rally, herding, dock jumping and more can not only enhance their performance, but also prevent possible injuries. By following a preseason individualized treatment program that includes massage, stretching, strengthening, and core stabilization, your canine athlete will be able to compete at their highest level and minimize any potential injuries. If an injury does occur, like common shoulder, back and hip strains in agilities dogs, rehab can greatly increase tissue healing and reduce recovery time. Following an injury, canine physical therapy has an assortment of treatment modalities that help to decrease pain and inflammation and stimulate tissue healing including Laser, Ultrasound, Acupuncture, Massage, Electrical Stimulation, Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Underwater Treadmill. These therapy procedures will be applied to restore joint mobility, strengthen appropriate muscles, enhance core stabilization, and prepare your athlete for their return to competition.

Rehabilitation and Therapy for Overweight Dogs

Using the underwater treadmill for conditioning and weight loss.

Canine physical therapy is also the best treatment option for dogs who are overweight and would benefit from a general conditioning program. Canine rehab provides many opportunities for strength training, conditioning, core stabilization and ultimate weight reduction, which decreases joint pain and increases healthy activity. The most effective conditioning and strengthening exercise program available is Underwater Treadmill. Due to the buoyancy of water, your pet will be able to experience optimal cardiovascular exercise with minimal impact on the joints. Additionally, in rehab there is an assortment of exercise equipment, including balance discs, balls and boards, which safely and effectively increase your pet’s limb strength and core stability. During your therapy sessions, you will be guided in how to progress your dog’s activity level at home, with the goal of safely returning your pet to an active and healthy lifestyle.

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