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COVID-19 Policy

Colorado Canine Orthopedics and Rehab is open and here to help if your dog has an orthopedic problem. Our operating schedule is open and available for pets with fractures and general orthopedic trauma and small breed dogs with intervertebral disk disease.

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak we are trying to limit our face to face interactions for the next several weeks. We're readily available for online, free telemedicine consultations for pets in our region with ACL tears, hip dysplasia and other joint disorders such as elbow dysplasia and patella luxations. It's easy: Call our office at 719-264-6666 and we'll walk you through the rest. We'll ask you to make a short cell phone video to send to us and we'd love to see X-rays if you have them.

We also offer drop off appointments followed by phone or computer consultation. We are also asking all clients who have traveled by air within the past 14 days, had contact with an known positive individual or are experiencing fever, chills, cough or shortness of breath to please postpone scheduling an appointment with us. If you fall in one of the above categories and feel your appointment is urgent, please consider having a non-live-in friend or neighbor fill in for you. We would be happy to discuss this policy by phone to help aid in decision making about your pet.

Elective Surgeries

Colorado Canine Orthopedics Rehab is doing our part help stop the spread of COVID-19 and conserve personal protective equipment (PPE). Last week, Governor Polis issued an executive order stating that "as of 12:01 A.M. on March 23, 2020, all voluntary or elective surgeries or procedures, whether medical, dental, or veterinary, are suspended in the State of Colorado until April 14, 2020 at the earliest." Unfortunately, ACL tear repairs (TPLO), total hip replacement, medical patella luxations and elbow and shoulder arthroscopy fall into this category. In fact, if you or I tear our ACLs tomorrow we would not be allowed to have surgery. Because of this directive CCOR is required to suspend our most common procedures. I can assure you as a ridiculous animal lover, delaying one of the aforementioned procedures for several weeks will have no detrimental effect on the final outcome. But I get it, humans and dogs are uncomfortable, even painful with some of these disorders. Pain management including carprofen and gabapentin is pretty effective in managing this pain or discomfort. I would also say that in my opinion, these common canine conditions do not typically cause the same type of chronic, unrelenting pain we humans experience. Meaning, when humans have these types of problems, we can't get comfortable or sleep at night and most dogs do not experience this type of pain. When they put weight on the limb, it's uncomfortable, so they limp or put less weight on the limb. I'm not saying this isn't a pretty big deal, but it usually can be well managed until repair can be performed. (hopefully in the very near future)


At Colorado Canine Orthopedics at the Veterinary Specialty Center of Southern Colorado, our Veterinary Surgeons are committed to providing your pet with the best canine orthopedic surgical healthcare available. Whether your dog has an obvious orthopedic injury, or you are concerned that they may be in pain, we have the expertise and state-of-the-art tools to put your dog back on the road to an active, healthy life.

Our canine orthopedic specialists are all board certified and highly experienced in the latest treatment for dogs with ACL Tears, Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Shoulder Disorders, Arthritis and Intervertebral Disc Disease.

We look forward to providing the highest level of orthopedic care so your dog can return to an active, pain free lifestyle.

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