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Colorado Canine Orthopedics (CCO) was established in 1996 by Dr. Michael Bauer and has become one of the only, and most well established, veterinary orthopedic specialty hospitals in the United States with six, experienced board-certified surgeons. We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado but the majority of our clients and patients travel from all areas Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas and Wyoming for small animal orthopedic surgery. We offer same day consultations and surgery.



Colorado Canine Orthopedics excels in, and is renowned for canine joint disorders, fracture repair and small breed disc herniations. As a group we perform more ACL repairs (primarily TPLOs) than any other practice in this region of the country. The same is true for total hip replacements, arthroscopic procedures and fracture repairs. The surgeons at CCO have performed tens of thousands of orthopedic surgical procedures. In fact, the surgeons at CCO offer more collective expertise and experience than virtually any specialty hospital. As pet lovers, we understand that no one wants their pet to have surgery. However, if surgery is needed having an experienced surgeon becomes critically important. Our technician and staff are equally well trained, experienced and compassionate.


If excellence in surgery is a given, then customer service truly sets us apart from other practices. From the moment you call or walk into our hospital, it becomes apparent that we care about pets and their owners. We understand and share how much pet owners love their animals, and we understand what a critically important role they play in our lives. Because of this understanding we treat you and your pet as though they were our own. As an example, we use state of the art pain management including nerve blocks and epidurals so most pets can return to the comfort of their own home the day of surgery.


Colorado Canine Orthopedics has a new, state of the art hospital. We designed our hospital around a stress-free patient and client concept. Our treatment areas, imaging and operating rooms rival human practices. We realize it’s the doctors, staff and customer service that makes us special, but if you’re interested please take a moment and have a look at our hospital photo gallery.

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