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This place is amazing! We were referred her by a vet in Hays, Kansas when our little girl broke her growth plate. Dr. Franklin explained the procedure of the surgery and all possible complications. In the end, he did a fabulous job. He had us in and out in good time so we could travel the 5+ hours h...Read More

Gayle Tripp Walsh

Drs Franklin and Miller were awesome! Thorough and compassionate. The staff was wonderful to work with. I would recommend this group to any dog owner in the region if your dog has an orthopedic issue.

John Ireland

The staff is all amazing there! My dog is doing great! I have no complaints and I’m thankful they were able to help my baby get back to normal:

Kelly Kovach Gerber

We are so impressed with this facility. From the first to the last consultation the service we got was first class. Our dog had a TPLO surgery. We were kept informed on the day of surgery and given the best post urgical information we have ever received. Follow up care was excellent. The staff and ...Read More

Val Baird

My Frenchie had a fracture repair at CCO and I am beyond impressed with the staff. You can tell they love what they do and love pups! When I went to pick my fur baby up post op, he wasn’t in a kennel, he was being held and loved on by the staff. Very happy with my experience and the knowledge of the...Read More

Stefanie Prince

Totally awesome people. Have enjoyed working with everyone there. Digby is doing great and can't wait to be able to use FULL POWER again soon.

Edward Kellock

My dog just had knee surgery this past weekend and has been having complications with the medication provided. The staff at CO Canine Ortho make me feel like they’re genuinely concerned for my dogs well being and are incredibly understanding and patient with all of my questions and concerns. The off...Read More

Kilee Tucker

I truly believe you have the best staff available in Colorado! The doctors are great - every tech or receptionist said hello, ask if I needed anything and check on my dog several times when the wait when over what the doctor said it would be. I feel so comfortable with the treatment plan developed f...Read More

Cindy Jaques

Colorado Canine Orthopedics is amazing! They always take such good care of my pup. They really care and go the extra mile. So many staff love to stop what they are doing and love on my boy anytime we come in. The atmosphere is great and so is the service! Dr.Swainson is awesome and has done great wi...Read More

Jenni Samaro

I didn't give 5 stars only because I felt the front desk staff to be rather cold. Other than that it was a fantastic experience!

Kate Powell

If you need any kind of ortho work done, this is the place. the gals there really love the babies. they took great care of Ruckus. the doc will call to ck up on him and that is reassuring that they really care.

Shorty Smith

These guys really are so incredibly gentle, informative and know what they’re doing. We’re only one day post TPLO but they gave clear, outlined instructions for aftercare. Normally, it’s just a handout with “Do this and this. This might happen. This might not happen. Call your vet if you have questi...Read More

Kylah Sutz Edgin

Wonderful staff and beautiful facility! If ever I need orthopedic work I am coming here!

Terry Sanford

Luna had a TPLO by Dr Miller and we couldn’t be happier with the results. She was back to her active self in no time! Staff was exceptional and eased all of my worries before surgery. I also appreciated the booklet they sent home afterwards that answered all the questions I didn’t think of while in ...Read More

Kaley Hilfman

Absolute the best. Dr Franklin is amazing. Therapy team amazing. Love them

Terry Makuh

I walked in today and was more than a little worried about my little man. After 30 seconds, I was completely at ease, the staff is amazing! Luckily my little dude doesn’t need surgery, but if he did, there is nowhere else I would want to go. The staff was professional and friendly and amazing with m...Read More

Felice Kohler

My German Shepherd, Hunter, had a hip replacement on Monday by Dr. Miller. I was a basket case. They took amazing care of both of us. Hunter is home and recovering beautifully. Everyone there was professional, caring and wonderful. This is my third time there. Several years ago my Westie, Maggie, ha...Read More

Bev Teagle

This place is excellent. They are super knowledgeable, honest, reasonable and really want the best for our pet. I have worked with both Dr. Miller and Dr. Bauer and have trusted both completely, thanks for everything!

Melissa Parks

I can only say good things about Dr. Michael DeTora and the rest of the staff at CO Canine Orthopedics! We had 2 vets tell us our dog needed knee surgery. Dr. DeTora determined his knees were fine, but there was definitely an issue with 1 of his legs. After multiple tests/treatment trials, it was de...Read More

Brenna Bulmer

The staff and Dr Riecks care very much from the minute you walk in the door until your pet is healed. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Sarah Moe

I have had two pitbulls (both seniors) have TPLO surgery here. One was with Dr. Franklin and one with Dr. DeTora. Both were amazing with the dogs and great surgeons. I felt comfortable the whole time and the dogs recovered quickly.

Wendy Birhanzel

Just had my dog's second THR - she had her first one when she was 2, and now she's 5. Both times saw Dr.Reicks and he's amazing!! The office staff are all VERY nice, and luckily for me, I have health insurance that pays 80% of the procedure and they asked me to pay ONLY my 20% at the time of surgery...Read More

Desire Leaf

We have a dog doing rehab with the Physical Therapists at Colorado Canine and they are SO good with her. The are patient and super kind, and they take the time to really educate on how to increase strength, WHY you are doing the exercises, and how to get the most out of the experience. I couldn't be...Read More

Jennifer Cameron

My husband brought our two working dogs in for consults and inpatient procedures yesterday and the entire experience was outstanding. From caring and efficient office staff, to competent and knowledgeable technical staff, to the excellent doctors who treated our dogs, the day was simply amazing....Read More

Brittany A. Harris Bell

Our experience with everyone there was awesome. I will be recommending them repeatedly.

Tom-Tina Shackelford Weatherman

Thank you so much to the whole team at Colorado Canine Orthopedic, especially Dr & Mrs DeTora. Lucy is 6 weeks Post Op and graduated from Physical Therapy today!

Anita Paas

My dog, Molly has been there three times. Dr. Franklin and his team treated Molly like a VIP every time. Our dog is anxious at the vet, usually because she goes for vaccination shots. At CCO, she is not as anxious because of the toy boxes they have throughout the office. The office is very open and ...Read More

Craig Wymer

thank you dr miller and staff for helping gilbert with his herniated disc. dr miller and the staff were all too kind and very helpful with absolutely every aspect of my little dog's surgery and recover.

Thirza Dezan

I originally took Chance to my vet just to see if the problem he was having was his hips, he is a rescue, rescued after someone threw him on the highway at 3 months old. I took to er and he had a fractured hip. I thought arthritis had set in. Turns out it was his ACL. So I made an appointment with C...Read More

Kimberleigh Harding

We couldn't be more happy! We live in Wyoming. CCO was able to see us right away. Consult and do same day surgery. Our girl Eva,is one week post op.... Thanks so much CCO!

Kelli Kelly

Thank you for your kind loving care, everyone was so nice. I can’t believe what amazing service we received. It was like being at home. Keep up the great work you all are doing.

Christopher Charles

Teddie says THANKYOU for taking such good care of him and cant wait to play ball again soon! Great staff here, highly recommended.

Trish Whitley

I highly recommend them. Great friendly staff and treat your pets with great care. Priced reasonably. They send you home with an easy to follow care program for your pet and information that explains the procedure done. First page had several numbers to call for an emergency after surgery.

Jesslyn Swirka

Wonderful staff!!! My boy had a TPLO and they communicated all day about his progress... thank you for peace of mind that day!!

Tania Mayes England

I can’t find words to thank this entire group enough. Your entire team took a super scary situation, made me feel comfortable, and more importantly, confident that we were at the right place to fix our 7yr old Great Dane, Ellie, up. What a lovely group of passionate people and an amazing facility! T...Read More

Lindsay Stephenson

This place was amazing. Talk about 5 star service for your best friend. Well organized and very friendly staff. Couldn't be happier with how we were treated and how well they cared for our dog

Dawn Crowley

This place was amazing. Talk about 5 star service for your best friend. Well organized and very friendly staff. Couldn't be happier with how we were treated and how well they cared for our dog.

Dawn Crowley

The Doctors and staff are so caring here . Definitely animal lovers very sweet. Top of the art facility. Professional but understanding of your emotional status at the time . Highly recommended.

Rita Burch Kalman

Wonderful, caring staff. Dr. DeTora bent over backward to make sure we understood everything about the surgeries and recovery for our dog. Well worth the travel time to have Canine Orthopedics take care of our Cinco!

Leslie Skinner Fernandez

I used Colorado Canine Orthopedics a little over a year ago for my little dog who herniated a disk. He was down and couldn’t use his back legs. The experience here was nothing short of fantastic. The standard of care and facilities were all the highest quality. I called them pretty distraught after ...Read More

Katie Ann

Exceptional vet clinic. My Great Dane tore her ACL in November and 3 months later she is back to her normal self. My dog had a lot of medical problems going on when the tear happened and Dr Riecks and his crew worked very closely with her other vets to make sure Ripley would be good to go. The whole...Read More

Rebecca Winans

We had a standard but unique situation. The team were friendly at every visit, all of our questions were answered and explained. Best of all everything worked out and we're well on the path of recovery. I waited until we graduated to write this review and I can say the whole experience was easy, sup...Read More

Bethan Keith

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Drs Franklin and Miller were awesome! Thorough and compassionate. The staff was wonderful to work with. I would recommend this group to any dog owner in the region if your dog has an orthopedic issue.

Caleb Brooks

Colorado Canine Orthopedics is one of the most amazing organizations I have ever worked with - very few company’s have such a great group of people anymore. Any experience I have ever had with them, they have made me feel like a part of their family. I would highly recommend them to anyone consideri...Read More

Preston Knigh

Our dog needed leg surgery an we were referred to Colorado Canine. They were very gentle with her. Dr. DeTora explained in detail what needed to be done and what we could expect in results. Her surgery went very well and is now regaining strength in her legs. Wonderful place!!

Sheila Richarz

Great Doctors and caring staff. They all love animals and will do their best for your pet. State of the art new facility which is warm and inviting. Highly recommended!

Trusted Colorado Photographer

I brought my sport dog in for a strange gait and the team was able to pinpoint a soas strain. We followed up with an ultrasound and PRP injection. Very knowledgeable staff, I'll bring my dog back if she ever needs an orthopedic vet again! They book up quickly and only offer ultrasounds once a month ...Read More

Becca Kreski

We are from Steamboat Springs Colorado. We had made an appointment for 0900 today. It is now 1805 and we are just getting our dog from the clinic. We have been waiting in the parking lot for more than 9 hours. This is unacceptable. If you do travel from out of town be sure to find somewhere to spend...Read More

Robert Gunter

Our dog, Stella, has had TPLO surgery on both of her hind legs. We could not be more appreciative of the level of kindness, care, and professionalism she received at Colorado Canine Orthopedics & Rehab. There is such a wonderful and reassuring feeling to watch her run pain free.

Tessa Smith

All I can say is wow! Dr Bauer and the staff here are all WONDERFUL. You can tell how much they love the dogs. The communication is wonderful and they answered all of my questions. Highly recommend!

L La Rue

I brought my puppy aries in for a fracture and he was taken care of extremely well. Staff and doctors are extremely kind and helpful. The staff, doctors and practice owner will always have my thanks for the help they gave my family and this community! I would 10/10 recommend them to anyone.

Michael Schuemann

Was very EXCEPTIONLY IMPRESSIVE* SVC,s,very professional & warm welcoming,wanting to be accommodateing on issues if possible,understanding


Exceptional service and zero surgical complications. Everything went exactly as they described. No surprises!

Scott Yates

They took such good care of our dog. Not only were they thoughtful of our dog but also our pocket. They only did what was necessary but truly had the best for our pup in mind. They also have the most friendly staff and every time we were there it was a great experience. I highly recommend them and w...Read More


I definitely would highly recommend Colorado Canine Orthopedics to everyone! I have had two dogs, one with a complete ACL tear three months ago, who healed up perfectly, thank you Dr Franklin and just recently my other dog had a partial tear. Dr Riecks did the surgery for her. Absolutely wonderful j...Read More

Kimberleigh Harding

This has been a rough week for our family. Our beloved 4 year old dachshund cried when she was lifted up on Tuesday. She went to the doctor on Wednesday, but she continued to get worse, and by Thursday she couldn't walk. It was recommended by our veterinarian to take Dusty to Colorado Canine and Ort...Read More

Michelle Thompson

very profeesional staff and doctors. Compassionate and take the health of you and your dog seriously while still being very friendly. Follow up is excellent

Lisa Malloy

Came in from Albuquerque, NM for their specialty in Total Hip Replacement. The surgery went off without a hitch! I was surprised with the overall quality of this Vet as well as the accompanying facility. They were very welcoming and very thorough in answering my question and keeping me informed. A v...Read More

Peter Prina

My dog has had knee surgery and hip surgery here. I feel like the staff treats him as if he is part of their family. He gets really skiddish at the vets office, and they are so gentle and patient with him. During consultations with my baby, they made it clear that doing what's best for my baby was t...Read More

Heather Barnett

Wonderful doctors and exceptionally great care.

David Allen

The professional care could not be better. Wonderfull staff and facility. I am a veterinarian. This is where I take my dog and where I refer client to that have orthopedic problems beyond my scope of care.

Barry Bjornsen

We brought our Dachshund, Holly, here after an IVDD incident left her completely unable to feel or move her back legs. Dr. Bauer performed spinal surgery on her the same day of the incident, and she began physical therapy a couple weeks after the surgery. Holly recovered quickly and better than we c...Read More

Joe Loris

The staff is excellent the doctors are wonderful and they are all very professional. It is a great facility and they have taken care of several of our pets.

Debbie Garcia

My 8 month French-bulldog fractured his elbow a year ago exactly. I followed all instructions and now you would never even know ... he jumps and runs around like nothing ever happened. Everyone at the facility was great from the surgeon to everyone who works at the front desk. Thank you guys!

J Go

Great staff and unique serviced

Melissa Chiappone

I had to take my dog in for emergency surgery last monday. The staff at Colorado Canine Ortho were extremely proficient and kind. They got me in a private room right away. They answered all my questions. And they were able to get us into surgery same day. Dr. Swainson took all my phone calls over th...Read More

Khia McCombs

We used there service for are beloved abby. They did a excellent job. I referred a friend for their dog this is the best in Colorado

William Morris

Yelp Reviews ( 24 )

The entire staff is dedicated to caring for your most important friend. As you may not know Colorado Canine Orthopedics have built a state of the art surgery program. They are able to take care of your friend from sugery to rehabilitation. Throughout the years our different adopted friends (4) came ...Read More

Rob T.

If you want the gold standard of care for your beloved pets, then look no further. I am a Certified Veterinary Technician and I know top quality care. They have a state of the art facility, top notch caring staff and customer service that so many businesses could learn from. Our Mastiff mix Luca wen...Read More

Shawna S.

I am not connected in any way with Colorado Canine Orthopedics and Rehab., nor have I received any compensation for this 5 Star review. I am the pet parent of a 13 year old Labrador Retriever that I rescued at 5 mos. of age. She, in turn, has proven to rescue me. I cannot find adequate words to expr...Read More

Betty T.

I wish I could give them a million stars! Our Bernese Mountain dog Emily was seen by Dr. Riecks and was diagnosed with not one, but two torn ACL's in her back legs. From the first visit we knew this was the place where we wanted Emily to have her surgery. The first impression we got was from Carly. ...Read More

Ashley A.

I would like to update this original review. Since his surgery, Max has completely healed and his knee performs just as it did before. Unfortunately, we have had to bring in a different dog for another surgery here - our 5 year old dachshund became paralyzed due to an acute disc rupture. This happen...Read More

Shannon D.

What a great experience we had at CCO! The staff (especially Janice, Janelle and Dr. Swainson) have been nothing short of wonderful. This entire process of having my dogs ACL repaired could not have been better. Dr Swainson is a sweet, skilled and very knowledgeable veterinarian. Our dog will need a...Read More

Ashley R.

I am not connected in any way with Colorado Canine Orthopedics and Rehab., nor have I received any compensation for this 5 Star review. I am the pet parent of a 13 year old Labrador Retriever that I rescued at 5 mos. of age. She, in turn, has proven to rescue me. I cannot find adequate words to expr...Read More

Betty T.

What a great place. Dr Riecks helped my little Merlie when he broke his leg in 2016. They know what they're doing here. It's been nearly 3 years and Merlie is doing great! I highly recommend this place if your dog needs surgery to fix broken bones or any other surgery.

Jon M.

This specialty vet is special! So pleased with my experience here. My tiny chihuahua broke his left front leg in a terrible fall, he promptly had surgery with a boarded surgeon in denver. His leg was repaired with a metal plate and screws. 2 weeks later, the surgery failed and a second surgery was p...Read More

Lora H.

This past summer our golden retriever was diagnosed with having to have TPLO surgery. Upon doing research online, I came across CCOR. Words cant express how happy we are with how they took care of my boy. Walking into the facility, you can immediately tell that its not your typical veterinary office...Read More

James G.

This place is amazing, my dog tore her ACL and had TPLO surgery by Dr. DeTora in January. I drove her from California to have surgery at Colorado Canine Orthopedics. I was not only impressed by the facility but by the time that Dr. DeTora spent with me explaining everything from the surgery to all t...Read More

Becca P.

Misty had double ACL surgury with Dr. Riecks about 2 1/2 years ago...cannot say enough fantastic things about this place and Dr. Riecks. The care and concern, understanding for how much we love our furbabies is outstanding. The front office gave me a heartshaped worry stone when we dropped off our g...Read More

Jeri P.

My pup is doing great all thanks to the wonderful staff at Colorado Canine Orthopedics and Rehab! I felt very at home there and I could tell that he did too! He didn't act like he was at the vet, probably due to the toys and dog beds in the consultation rooms! It was especially nice to have the TPLO...Read More

Laura K.

Seriously awesome place. My dog had a bad broken femur and he first place I called told me they couldn't take him till the next day or maybe even after the weekend, I was freaking out thinking my pup would be in pain that long! I called canine ortho and got him in an hour later and he was in surgery...Read More

Allison S.

Our puppy had 3 surgeries on her hind leg by a traveling vet. All unsuccessful in solving the problem. When our vet suggested we get a opinion from CCO. From our first phone call to set up appointment we were treated with professionalism and empathy. Dr Nate Miller was our surgeon. Our first meeting...Read More

Nancy R.

I wish I could give them a million stars! Our Bernese Mountain dog Emily was seen by Dr. Riecks and was diagnosed with not one, but two torn ACL's in her back legs. From the first visit we knew this was the place where we wanted Emily to have her surgery. The first impression we got was from Carly. ...Read More

Ashley A.

I could not recommend this vet more highly. Everyone who works here provides the utmost in customer service, caring and compassion for you and your pet. We took our border collie here who was limping. Our general vet told us she'd be crippled and gave us no hope. She also completely missed the diagn...Read More

Liesl L.